Irisity offers a complete camera solution with the emphasis on covering large areas with the fewest possible cameras. One might say that we sell security guards – except that they’re that little bit smarter. With intelligent cameras linked to an alarm centre, we are able to guard several buildings, facilities and schools simultaneously, at a fraction of the cost of traditional security guard services. In our opinion, this method is both smarter and better. Our cameras never leave the area.

Our product packages

No more false alarms

Traditional camera systems generate large numbers of false alarms when used outdoors. Weather, wind and varying light conditions make it difficult to differentiate types of movement. As a client with a system from Irisity, you are guaranteed to be free of false alarms generated by events such as animal and foliage movements, snowfall or blowing plastic bags. We are the only supplier of outdoor CCTV surveillance that guarantees zero false call outs.

Unique weather guarantee

It may sound a little odd, but the fact that we guarantee not to shut down our system irrespective of the weather actually sets us apart from the rest of the market. Other CCTV systems include a clause in their contracts allowing a system shutdown in the event of snowfall, storms and other conditions that give rise to too many alarms. Our motion detection is unique in that it is never turned off – no matter what the weather.

A complete service

We supply a complete service. This includes not only our patented software for intelligent surveillance linked to an alarm centre, but also continuous operation and monitoring of the entire system, from installation through ongoing service. We are responsible for ensuring that all cameras and other components are in full working order and that the entire chain, from surveillance of the area to the alarm centre, is working 24/7, 365 days a year – all at a fixed monthly cost.

As our customer you will receive

  • A user-friendly, reliable and scalable system the operation of which is constantly monitored.
  • A warranty covering false call outs, functionality, service and operation in all weathers.
  • An open system – hardware-independent software that can be freely integrated with alarm centres, operations centres, security guard services and end users.
  • A secure system that is partly cloud based and offers secure online and mobile app access.
Christian Johansson - Head of Sales West

Christian Johansson

Head of Sales West

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Jonas Andrén


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Paul Johnsson


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