Night-time supervision

Each night, social services make scheduled home visits to the elderly for the sole purpose of checking that everything is as it should be. Not everyone appreciates home visits at night and travelling between clients takes up a good deal of time.

These visits are one of the major cost drivers for social services as they last for only a few minutes and result in long journey times and double staffing. Many clients also experience sleep disruption as a result of these nightly visits.

Our night-time supervision service makes this process simpler and more efficient and does not wake the client or their neighbours. Staff are linked to a camera in the client’s bedroom at a lower cost and with the result that supervision can take place more often than it does today. Many clients also find that camera checks are less intrusive and alarming than staff visiting their bedroom while they sleep.

Thermal imaging cameras “see” in the dark and can be remotely panned and zoomed. Connected equipment can be configured remotely and communication between the client and staff is available as an option.

Installation is simple and takes place remotely. The solution is adapted to the client’s needs and the schedule is planned in consultation with staff.

Personal integrity

Supervision takes place only at the agreed times and for a limited, very brief period after which the link is shut down automatically. The video feed is in real time and is not recorded, and a log is kept of who has performed the supervision and when it took place. This information is easy to interpret which simplifies follow-up activities, both for administrators and staff.

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