School Guard

Imagine being able to prevent vandalism, knowing what’s going on in your schoolyard out of hours and still being able to protect the personal integrity of your pupils – all with one and the same surveillance system. Irisity School Guard has been specifically developed for outdoor environments in schools, with all of the challenges and demands these present. We take care of everything from planning and installation to operational monitoring of the system, all at a fixed monthly cost.

Unlike normal surveillance systems that send an alarm the second anything happens in the area; School Guard focuses on motion patterns and will only send an alarm if something unusual occurs. For example, an alarm will be triggered when people gather and remain in the area for an extended period, but the system will not react to people simply passing through the area. We have also added a feature we call anonymisation, which makes it impossible to identify an individual on the camera image. This not only protects personal integrity, it also ensures that the school is able to comply with the provisions of the Swedish Camera Monitoring Act as, for the purposes of the Act, it is not considered surveillance if it is impossible to identify individuals.

  • Anonymisation


    School Guard uses anonymisation, a technique that makes it impossible to identify individuals in images.

  • Soft surveillance

    Soft surveillance

    School Guard forms part of our soft surveillance concept, aimed at starting a dialogue with young people instead of criminalising them.

  • Patrolling cameras

    Patrolling cameras

    School Guard is based on our intelligent cameras, which are capable of monitoring large outdoor areas even in poor light conditions.

”During the first three years of operation alone we saved over SEK 10 million solely on graffiti, window breakages and lower insurance premiums.”

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